AgroNanoGel® Basic

Fight the draught. Increase your yield and profit. Reduce watering. Highly recommended for: large-area vegetable, fruit and grain farms, sport lawns, municipal greenery plantings: hydroseeding, soil substrates.

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AgroNanoGel® Root

Effective plantings. Protection for uncovered root system of plants. Safe transportation of seedlings. Easier planting. Highly recommended for: forestry, forest nurseries, fruit orchards, seedling transportation and storage.

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AgroNanoGel® Vit

Precise and long-term fertilizer dosage. Effective soil enrichment. Highly recommended for: reclamation of degraded areas, hydroseeding, vegetable and crops cultivation, diverse types of plantings (flowerbeds, field and home crops growing), setting up lawns.

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AgroNanoGel® Forte

Hydrogel fertilizer that facilitates the care and cultivation of plants. Optimal nutrition of plants along with the provision of water storage. Especially recommended: in gardening; in fruit-growing; in vegetable industry; recultivation of heaps, wastelands and degraded areas; in large-scale and home-grown crops.

AgroNanoGel® Inject

Quick reaction to drought. Application of hydrated hydrogel directly into the plant root system area. Especially recommended: existing orchards, plantations, vineyards, park layouts, tree stands, lawns, golf courses, sports grasslands.

Teracryl® A

Soil protection against water and wind erosion. Prevention of washing and rinsing of soils. Especially recommended: strengthening and stabilization of slopes and areas with a significant incline; establishing green areas; excellent adhesive for hydroseed treatments; reclamation of slopes and areas with significant incline.

Teracryl® T

Combining shredded, powdery materials. Prevention of excessive dusting. Particularly recommended: binding of smoke dust; preventing the dislocation of mine, industrial dumps; protection against dusting in the vicinity of the construction site; bonding post-flotation waste dust.

Teracryl® HD

Permanent strengthening and sealing of soils and substrates. Especially recommended: stabilization of communication routes on loose ground; fixing the bottom of ravines particularly exposed to water erosion; stabilization of stands susceptible to leaching, water and air erosion.