We produce innovative hydrogels for Agricultural application.

We are a dynamically expanding company, dealing with commercialization of scientific research results, conveying innovative technologies and practical application of science in business. Nowadays, the company administrates a perfectly placed, private, office and production facility, with an area exceeding 4000 m2 and employs over 30 highly qualified employees. We produce and sell innovative substrates, improving conditions of plant cultivation, as well as offer service realization based on patented technologies and machines, both locally and worldwide.

Company’s History

First scientific research on polymer superabsorbent.

Edward Kulikowski commenced research on Polish, author’s polymer superabsorbent. Cooperation established with key research facilities in Poland.

Creation of R&D company – Artagro.

Creation of R&D centre.

Development of a patent for a method of dosing the hydrogel by injection in to the soil.

Development of soil looseness control technology. In cooperation with IUNG, the concept of substrates capable of securing volatile and silty substances from water erosion on embankments as well as technology  preventing water erosion and application of Teracryl to improve sand’s erosion resistance, is created.

Hydrogels capable of fertilizer “transportation” are developed. Tightening of scientific cooperation with Agricultural Academy in Krakow, the Department of Agricultural Environment Protection and with Hugon Kołłątaj Agricultural University in Krakow. As a result of this collaboration, hydrogel capable of being a carrier for living microorganisms and biological protection oriented organisms is developed.

Development of specialised Hydrogels for forest protection. First publications about application of beneficial nematodes in forest protection dedicated hydrogel are being released.

Improvement and extension of existing product line. Based on patent application “Nanoporous hydrogel composite…” Artagro Polska, after positive substantive assessment, acquired a subsidy within the POIG 4.4 program, and signed and agreement with PARP, making it possible to produce this invention.

Technology protection all over the world. Company submits an application to “Intelligent expansion 2014-2020” operational program. The aim of the project is to improve competitiveness and innovativeness of Artagro Polska Ltd, by bringing to the market, new and innovative technology – Superabsorbent soil injection.

International expansion. Winning over the issue of draught. Extraterra company takes over all shares of Artagro, and begins active implementation of products from hydrogel group on markets of AEMEA, GCC, African and Indian regions.