It’s a substance, capable of absorbing and storing very large amounts of liquids compared to its mass. From chemical standpoint hydrogels are polymers – synthetic or natural compounds with multipart structure. Hydrogels produced by our company are capable of absorbing and returning water to plants.

There is many types of superabsorbents, depending on substrates used in production process. Most popular types are Hydrogels based on Acrylic Acid and Acrylamide Hydrogels. Additionally, on the market we can encounter Sodium (sodium polyacrylate) and Potassium (potassium polyactylate) Hydrogels. Our company’s products are Potassium based hydrogels.

Superabsorbents produced by our company are almost 100% made of potassium polyacrylate. In the production process, the main components are acrylic acid and potassium hydroxide. Polymerization process leads to creation of potassium polyacrylate. Such hydrogels are characterized by better retention – they water plants easily.

There is a lot of hydrogels available on the market, that from chemical standpoint are sodium polyacrylate. Those can be characterized by higher absorption, but their ability to water plants is limited. Most popular sodium hydrogels are used in hygienic industry or as technical hydrogels. Sodium hydrogels have less applications in agricultural industry because of their limited water emission ability. Additional drawback is presence of sodium ions, which in high concentration may lead to salinity of the soil.

Hydrogels absorbency is the maximum amount of water/liquid which can be absorbed and stored by hydrogel.

For every time, 1 gram of our hydrogel can absorb from 400 to 600 ml of demineralized water (depending on the product type) which is one of the highest absorbency values for hydrogel products available on the market.

To estimate the absorbency of hydrogel we need to measure 1g of superabsorbent, and deluge it in 1l of demineralized water. After 4-6h we can check how much water from 1l was absorbed by hydrogel – it gives us the answer, what is its absorbency value. We need to remember that hydrogels absorbency depends on the type of liquid used – demineralized water, tap water, fertilizer solution. Absorbency of AgroNanoGel® Basic is confirmed by IBWCH laboratory in Łódź.

Absorbency of AgroNanoGel® Root is confirmed by Chemical and Agricultural Station’s laboratory in Warsaw.

Hydrogels Retention is the ability to store water and soil solution, keeping it for longer period of time and then successively releasing it to the plant based on its needs. The cycle of absorption and release of water/soil solution by AgroNanoGel® crystals placed in the substrate can be repeated tens of thousands of times. Thanks to such ability of AgroNanoGel® its addition in the soil causes increase in natural retention and water capacity of substrate.

Products form AgroNanoGel® line are safe and non-toxic for environment. Our Hydrogel, is the only one that has biodegradability confirmed by tests from an accredited laboratory. Biodegradation means decomposition of hydrogel by substrate microorganisms to basic and non-toxic compound.

In addition, hydrogels from the AgroNanoGeli® line have a certified study on the impact on soil microorganisms. The study was carried out by the IBWCH laboratory in Łódź and involved determination of the growth of soil environment microorganisms in the presence of AgroNanoGel® Basic. The study showed that AgroNanoGel® Basic does not affect the growth and development of soil microorganisms. Another very important aspect is the lack of heavy metals in our company’s products. This is confirmed by research carried out by the Research and Certification Center in Piła.

The hydrogel pulp used to cover the roots is prepared by hydrating the AgroNanoGel® Root product.

We add AgroNanoGel® Root, superabsorbent with a fine fraction and small amount of anti-caking agent, into water and mix thoroughly. After about 2 hours, we obtain a hydrogel pulp in which we can soak / surround the roots of plants before planting or during transport and storage. Remember to keep the right proportions of water to the product. Usually 1kg of AgroNanoGel® Root is added to 100-200l of water. The volume of used water depends on water hardness: smaller amounts of water in case of high hardness.

Products from the AgroNanoGel® line can be used by anyone. Our products are targeted at both individual customers, small farms or hobbyists, as well as large-scale producers of fruit, vegetables or flowers, foresters, nurserymen.

Our company’s hydrogels can be used on large arable fields, houseplants and in the case of potted flowers.

Our company can cooperate with farmers, seedling producers, companies establishing gardens and landscaping, orchards, foresters. Wherever we talk about cultivation of plants, we can use the solutions offered by our company.

Our company does not use acrylamide as a production raw material, which means that there are no remains of this compound in our products. Hydrogels available on the market, that use acrylamide during production, can carry the risk of free acrylamide monomer in products – a substance hazardous to health, considered toxic and carcinogenic.

Our products have one of the highest absorption parameters of hydrogel products available on the market. The products of the AgroNanoGel® line are subject to strict quality control throughout the entire production cycle. In addition, we have many tests carried out by external accredited laboratories, confirming the quality of our products.

As the only manufacturer of hydrogels in Poland, we can take into account customer requests and modify the product to best suit his needs. We have the ability to adjust the grain size, color or composition of the offered products.

In order to confirm the most important parameters of our products, tests have been carried out by an external laboratory of the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibers in Łódź.

The tests were carried out using methods accredited or compliant with European standards. Thanks to this we have confirmation of such parameters as: absorbency for demineralised water and saline, the content of free acrylic monomer, product biodegradability, AgroNanoGel® effect on soil microorganisms, AgroNanoGel® retention and its hydrophysical properties.

In addition, the content of heavy metals was tested in the products – a test carried out by the Research and Certification Center in Piła, which confirmed their lack in our company’s products.

All offered products have valid PZH certificates.

The Artagro Polska company is the only producer of hydrogels in Poland.

The production line and company headquarters are in Miechów. Here, they are produced, pass all stages of production and control and then go to the warehouse, all our products – hydrogels and polymer adhesives.

Hydrogels in the natural environment – history and technologies