A polymeric adhesive with natural, agricultural application as a binder - a preparation that combines the particulate material, protecting the soil surface against water and wind erosion. Applied to the soil surface, it causes periodic change of its physical properties in the upper layer. After application to the substrate, it forms a flexible bond in the form of a three-dimensional mesh that stably holds fine soil particles. The product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In hydroseed technology, it blends the components of the mixture.

What are its properties

It enables greening and development of plants

Soil protection against leaching

Stabilization of the mixture used in the hydroseed process

Permeable to water and air

Stabilization of slopes

Increased soil resistance to water and wind erosion

Stabilization of thermal conditions prevailing in the soil


The product is sold as a concentrate.
Detailed dosing information available from the manufacturer.