AgroNanoGel® Root

Dusty superabsorbent with anti-caking additives. After hydration becomes a hydrogel pulp, designed to surround the root ball. Protects the root system from dehydration during storage, transportation and planting. Perfect carrier for mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic bacteria. Used in soil injection procedure.


What are its properties

Prevents the drying of plant roots in the period when they are devoid of soil (transport, storage)

Increase in seedling acceptance, reducing their loss

Better 'acclimatization' of seedlings in a new place, reducing water stress of seedlings at the time of planting

Protection of seedlings with an open root system

Facilitation of planting due to the favourable arrangement of roots surrounded with hydrogel pulp

Stable water conditions for plants from the time of planting during the first period of the most intense growth

Precise application of growth-promoting substance – mycorrhizal fungi and symbiotic bacteria

Stimulating the development of the root system, increasing the dynamics of positive phenomena in the soil environment


Detailed information regarding preparation and usage of hydrogel pulp available from the producer