AgroNanoGel® Inject

This technology allows for quick application of the hydrated hydrogel directly into the root system of plants. The injection allows the introduction of hydrogel pulp enriched with, for example, microbial substances into the soil. The use of this technology allows for quick hydration of plants and minimizing the effects of drought. Injection technology uses hydrogel from the AgroNanoGel® line dedicated for these purposes.

What are its properties

The hydrogel injection procedure can be performed in any plant growth phase

Reducing water stress and the effects of drought

Ensuring immediate hydration of plants

Applied hydrogel - water storage for plants

Better propagation of grasses by stimulating the root system

Even distribution of water to plants

Improving the structure of heavy soils - reducing their compactness and increasing aeration

Precise administration of preparations supporting plant growth - mycorrhizal fungi, symbiotic bacteria, fertilizers


Detailed information on the injection procedure available from the manufacturer.
It is possible to purchase the device together with a dedicated hydrogel, purchase of service to conduct an injection or technology license.