AgroNanoGel® Premium

It is a superabsorbent with the highest absorbency of natural products available on the market. Thanks to a special formula, it maintains its structural values with absorbency exceeding even 600 x its own mass (for demineralized water). Provides optimal conditions for soil moisture. It is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

What are its properties

Reducing the amount of water used for watering up to 50%

Improving the structure of heavy soils - reducing their compactness and increasing aeration

Improvement of moisture properties of soils and substrates used to fill pots

Limiting the leaching of fertilizers - reducing their consumption by up to 30%

Even distribution of water in the soil

Safe for the environment

Reduction of the number of treatments - watering, fertilizing

Increased water capacity of light, loose and sandy soils


The AgroNanoGel® Premium dose depends on the crop being grown and the type of soil. Detailed dosing information available from the manufacturer.