AgroNanoGel® Basic

Grainy superabsorbent, characterized by high water absorptivity. Providing optimal soil moisture conditions. Plants won’t feel the water related stress during the rooting as well as growth and yielding.

Case study Solutions

What are its properties

Reduction of fertilizer washout – reduction of fertilizer usage

Reduction of water related stress on seedlings during the cultivation setup

Reduced amount of water used for crops watering

Improved structure of heavy soils – firmness reduction and better aeration

Increased yield through stable water conditions, greater water availability for the root system

Improvement of moisture properties of soil and substrates used to fill pots

Stable water conditions for all plants

Equal water distribution in the ground


Dose of AgroNanoGel® Basic depends on cultivated plant and soil type. Detailed information regarding dosage available from the producer.


How does AgroNanoGel® Basic work? – check