Municipal Greenery


City Maintenance Department in Skierniewice


AgroNanoGel® Basic, AgroNanoGel® Root


Savings in water consumption up to 40%. Increase in the acceptance of seedlings at the time of planting - 98% of seedlings accepted.


Planting annual plants in flowerbeds, flower towers, standing flowerbeds, hanging flowerbeds. Amount of 16100 pieces of annual plants – 4550 pieces of Geranium. Drying of plants during high temperatures. Very high water consumption on plant care. Loses in seedlings during planting flowers in pots.


Application of AgroNanoGel® Basic hydrogel for soil enrichment and use of AgroNanoGel® Root hydrogel to surround root system of seedlings, accordingly to dosage recommended by producer.

Application method

AgroNanoGel® Root mixed with soil, which later was used to fill flowerbeds, pots and flower towers. AgroNanoGel® Root added to water in specified proportions used to surround root system of seedlings directly before planting them in flowerbeds, pots and flower towers.


Achievement of savings in water consumption – up to 40% during plant care in growing season. Improvement is soil structure. Major increase in plantings acceptance during planting – 98% accepted plantings.